Isabella Guaitoli

Researcher at Future Concept Lab since 1997, where her work focuses on research methodologies and techniques with the application of statistical analysis alongside sociological analysis. She has a degree in Statistics and Economics from the University of Bologna, and is directly involved in both quantitative and qualitative research steadily directed towards the area of consulting at various levels, including company check-up, brand enhancement and research on new product hypotheses, services and sales points, mainly in relation to companies operating in the field of food (Gatorade, illycaffè, Barilla, Ferrero). In recent years, in particular, she has worked on the global consumption trends, also in the context of specific socio-cultural projects (Future Vision Workshops) and the publications by Future Concept Lab (Co-author of the book Living Trends, 2006 and Consum-Authors, The generations as creative enterprises, 2008).

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